OnePlus asks 50 fans to trade in their Samsung flagships

One thing that Chinese startup OnePlus seems to be consistently great at is revving up the hype machine for its products. Whether you like their products or performance or not, it's hard to deny how the company is able to stir up the Internet and the crowds with a marketing budget a fraction of more established companies. Their latest stunt is a prime example of that. OnePlus is looking for people who are willing to trade in their expensive Samsung Galaxy flagships for a less expensive OnePlus 2.

To be clear, this isn't a trade in program like what some carriers or manufacturers are trying to do. Entitled "Take the Edge Off", it's a one-time, very limited trade-in promo. At first brush, the offer sounds simple enough. You enter the promo to vie for one of 50 limited slots. If you are chosen, you will be contacted on how you can send your "old" Samsung smartphone to OnePlus and once they have received your phone and verified it's good condition, they will send you your shiny new OnePlus 2.

And it won't just be any old Samsung you're going to trade it. It must either be a Galaxy S6, a Galaxy S6 edge, a Galaxy Note 5, or a Galaxy S6 edge+. You know, the ones that cost $600 and higher. The OnePlus 2, in comparison, goes for just below $400 at the highest.

Another odd detail is where your "old" Samsung phone will go to. You are basically donating it to charity, which is, of course, a selfless and magnanimous gesture. With Hope Phones, your pricey flagship will be sure to find a new home, possibly in the medical field in a remote area somewhere in the world. Your charitable donation, in effect, helps spread Samsung's brand across the world.

If those provisions make sense to you and you are dying to rid yourself of Samsung's hold, better hurry because the deadline for entering ends on October 18. And like anything OnePlus, those 50 slots are being held in a raffle.