OnePlus and AirConsole deal brings exclusive games

OnePlus has announced a new deal with AirConsole that brings exclusive mobile games to those with a OnePlus handset. Under this new partnership, OnePlus owners will get early access to AirConsole's new upcoming mobile games through the latter company's gaming system. AirConsole's gaming platform works by putting the games in one's browser and using the smartphone as a game controller.

AirConsole's games are essentially mobile games, but with a big twist. You open the browser on your laptop and wait for a connect code to appear; you'll see it in a screen like the one below prompting you to open on your phone. Enter the code, and your handset will turn into a game controller that operates what you see on your laptop's browser.

Many games are available through AirConsole, including Cards Against Humanity, Quick Minds trivia, Rakete, Texas Holdem, AirShields, an NES Emulator, PolyRacer, YouTube Jukebox, Tic Tac Boom, and Hit Parade. These titles are available to anyone for free regardless of handset.

Those with a OnePlus phone get exclusive access to a few extra titles, though: Brick Wars (pong arcade, basically), Silly Run Valley, and Remon & Honey (arcade-like shoot 'em up). While none of the games will blow your mind — they're basically arcade games — they do work well with the 'controller', making them a fun way to pass the time.