OnePlus 9 reveal tipped in new Moonshot teaser

As a new week begins, OnePlus is apparently winding up to make a big announcement. There's almost nothing to this particular tease, which has been named "Moonshot," but we can say that it's almost certainly suggesting that the reveal of the OnePlus 9 is coming up. In fact, we might know what the OnePlus 9 line of devices is comprised of by this time next week.

If you head over to the OnePlus website today, you'll see a new teaser that shows an image of the Earth as shot from the Moon. The imagine is reminiscent of – though not identical to – the Earthrise photograph William Anders shot from Lunar orbit during the Apollo 8 mission. Accompanying the photo is a teaser that says simply, "Something new is on the horizon."

Aside from that, we're given a date of March 8th and a field where we can enter our email addresses to sign up for promotional emails from OnePlus. In this case, signing up for the OnePlus mailing list probably isn't necessary, as this teaser is almost certainly a reference to the OnePlus 9.

Whether the phones in the OnePlus 9 will be revealed on this date or OnePlus is merely planning to announce the date for the OnePlus 9 reveal event is up in the air. Given the fondness OnePlus seems to have for making "announcements of announcements," we wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter.

As is usually the case with these major flagship phones, we've already heard a few rumors about the devices in the OnePlus 9 line. One of the more recent rumors claims that the OnePlus 9 Pro will have a Hasselblad camera array on the back, which is a fairly rare name in the world of smartphone cameras.

So, if you're a OnePlus fan, be sure to check back on March 8th, because something is definitely happening that day. We'll let you know what OnePlus reveals on next week, so stay tuned for more.