OnePlus 9 Pro overheating problem has a fix coming

Given how powerful smartphones have become today, people expect more from their devices and sometimes push them to their limits. Of course, there are consequences to those and heat along with battery life are the biggest costs of taxing smartphones hard. Most of the time, though, only the most extreme use cases can really run a phone hot to the point of becoming dangerous but it seems that owners of the OnePlus 9 Pro are experiencing it more frequently than they should.

As with any unexpected behavior from new phones, the exact cause of this overheating problem hasn't been established yet. And while widespread, it doesn't seem to affect all OnePlus 9 Pro owners. All that's certain for now is that there are dozens of OnePlus 9 Pro owners that are less than happy at what their hands are feeling.

It doesn't take much to trigger the OnePlus 9 Pro's thermal issue but some seem to associate it with the camera. Of course, when the camera app detects a dangerously high temperature, it warns the user and stops working until it goes down. It isn't consistent, though, and even Android Police's own writers had different experiences.

The site, however, also raises the question of whether the behavior is limited to the OnePlus 9 Pro only, pointing to how some Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S21 Ultras are reportedly running hot as well. If that's indeed the case, Qualcomm might have yet another Snapdragon 810 fiasco waiting for it.

The somewhat good news is that OnePlus is apparently aware of the problem and labels it as a known issue. A fix has also been promised in the next few weeks, hopefully before the OnePlus 9 Pro suffers the fate of the Galaxy Note 7.