OnePlus 8T release teases out most details

Today OnePlus released a trailer for the OnePlus 8T that pretty much spilled all the beans. This device looks to have a set of four cameras on its back, for example, with a 48MP camera as the main shooter with optical image stabilization and between 14-26mm lenses to choose from. There's a dual-LED flash back there as well, and two clear details for material aesthetics: "high matte glass" and a "high gloss logo."

Perhaps most interesting in this teaser for the OnePlus 8T is the color. The green! Where OnePlus has been using a rather RED for their main brand color since the beginning of the OnePlus smartphone release schedule, here they've made clear they're willing to go to the extreme with the green.

The OnePlus 8T imagery shown in the trailer today depicts a machine with a FLAT frontside display glass. This is important, as OnePlus has been prone to curved-edge display glass up front for the past couple of hero phone generations.

On the bottom there's a USB-C port, a SIM card slot, and a couple more pill shapes that are very likely in place for speaker grilles. On the right side we see a power/lock button and the always-welcome OnePlus hardware switch. That switch most likely continues to allow a variety of function options, including muting the device or locking the screen orientation.

A previously-revealed OnePlus 8T trailer called "Evolution of Design" showed how the OnePlus smartphone line has changed over the past several years. In that trailer we see the flatness of the display up front, with the ever-so-tiny bezel around the edges. That trailer also shows that the frontside speaker system is just PEEKING out the top of the front of the machine.

The OnePlus 8T event is set for October 14, 2020. It is at that event that we'll see the OnePlus 8T release date, which is likely also inside October, 2020. Stick around as we learn all we can about this device, and we'll bring you a full hands-on, up close and personal review as soon as possible!