OnePlus 8 gets highest DisplayMate score before it's even launched

It has become a tradition for some manufacturers (except Samsung and Apple it seems) to get some benchmarking sites to help hype up a product with their reviews. Often, however, these reviews come after the product gets announced though are definitely some that publish their super early thoughts on Day Zero. DisplayMate is once again bucking that trend by announcing that the OnePlus 8 is its new darling, more than a week before the phone even gets announced.

To be fair, the OnePlus 8's AMOLED screen does sound formidable, at least from OnePlus' own reveal earlier this year. That's mostly thanks to its 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz touch response rate, 10-bit color depth, and Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC), among other things. It also helps that a powerful Snapdragon 865 drives that powerful hardware.

Still, DisplayMate's early verdict could raise a few eyebrows. The sight has definitely been thorough with its analysis of top smartphone displays but it has also been rather predictable whenever a new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S phone is launched. Admittedly, this vote of confidence in a non-Samsung non-Apple phone also speaks in favor of OnePlus.

That's not the only standout feature expected from the OnePlus 8 series. The OnePlus 8 Pro, in particular, is highly anticipated because of rumored wireless charging and IP68 rating. How its cameras will fare, however, is a different matter.

If these rumors do come to pass along with the promised sub-$1,000 price tag, the OnePlus 8 could give Samsung reason to worry. The latter's Galaxy S20 has reportedly faced difficulties reaching projected sales numbers. Somewhat ironically, Samsung also indirectly benefits from the OnePlus 8's prestige as it produces this highly-rated component.