OnePlus 7 leaked with no bezels, no front camera

Ewdison Then - Feb 20, 2019, 11:00pm CST
OnePlus 7 leaked with no bezels, no front camera

The Galaxy S10 will probably kick off a new generation of phones with “hole-in” displays, in no small part to both Samsung and Huawei trying to outdo each other. Not all manufacturers, however, may be following suit and some will probably stay with the readily available notched panels. OnePlus might be trying to set itself apart again by adopting an unconventional solution. At least based on some sketchy leaks, the OnePlus 7’s bezel-less face might might be thanks to an elevating camera.

It’s not exactly a novel solution nor one that gained that much traction. Created by Vivo, the single elevating camera is now on the Vivo V15Pro and at least three Energizer phones. It’s definitely possible, then, that other manufacturers will do the same.

That certainly seems to be the favorite theory behind two alleged “live” photos of the OnePlus 7. They show a smartphone with a curved edge screen with almost no bezels at the top or bottom. More than that, however, there doesn’t seem to be any front camera either. Not even a punch hole cutout for it.

There are only two possible reasons for this. One is that this OnePlus 7 really has no front camera and instead has a second screen on the back ala the Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition. More likely, however, the phone has some elevating camera, like the Vivo NEX S or the OPPO Find X. Given the common parentage of these companies, that’s a distinct possibility.

There is also a third answer, though. It could very well just be a hoax from an u verified leak. Given how OPPO actually seems slow to jump on bandwagons that increase the cost of the device, it might not be too keen on adopting those designs just yet.

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