OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple available worldwide soon

The OnePlus 6T might be one if not the greatest high-end smartphone this year, considering its price, but its options of black or black might turn off some. Unless you slap on a case or stick on a skin. Even JerryRigEverything's clear back mod didn't seem to be worth the risk. Fortunately, it seems that OnePlus is cooking up a storm. A thunderstorm, that is. It has just teased that its "elegant" new color is coming and the thunder might not just be rolling over China exclusively.

Perhaps OnePlus gave in to popular demand. Or maybe it was its plan all along. It definitely didn't make a big fuss when it almost didn't announce the Thunder Purple color in China. Naturally, it was presumed it'd be a Chinese exclusive and that isn't beyond what the company sometimes does.

Now it seems, however, that it actually plans on bringing it to other markets as well. OnePlus just put up a teaser on its main Twitter account that is every explicit about that color option. It also did the same for its Italian, French, India, and other Twitter accounts, hinting it could be targeting those markets as well. Either that or it's just making a very big and cruel tease.

What the teaser's don't say is exactly when, though the Purple option is already available in China. When it does come, it might also be limited to just one configuration. The good news is that it's not a special edition that will cost more.

Except for a small hiccup in its support for Verizon's network, the OnePlus 6T has immediately positioned itself as a more than worthy competitor to this year's flagship top flagships. It's availability on T-Mobile and compatibility with US carriers definitely helped raise its profile a lot higher. Hopefully, it won't cause some hurt feelings over those who already bought the black OnePlus 6Ts and wished it came in more color options.