OnePlus 6T official teaser highlights fingerprint on display

JC Torres - Oct 4, 2018, 12:49am CDT
OnePlus 6T official teaser highlights fingerprint on display

The OnePlus 6T won’t differ substantially from the OnePlus 6 save for a few features, and one of the most important of those is Screen Unlock. That’s OnePlus marketing name for what is technically called in-screen fingerprint sensors or fingerprint on display (FOD). OnePlus has made no secret that its upcoming phone, officially confirmed as the OnePlus 6T, will have that feature and the latest teaser video frames it as just the latest in a series of great inventions in human history.

We probably won’t take it that far but, considering the technical difficulties in implementing a fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen, it’s not small matter. CEO Pete Lau goes into more detail on the history of that feature in OnePlus’ development timeline. It was a long time coming, as early as the OnePlus 5T last year. The time just wasn’t right and the technology was far from ready back then.

It is now, but it will come at a literal price. Speaking to CNET, Lau confirmed everyone’s fears. That new feature alone bumped the price up by $21, according to leaks. Then again, almost every great innovation in history did come at a cost.

Sadly, that’s not the only thing users will be asked to pay for, this time figuratively. The OnePlus 6T is also saying farewell to the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which Lau himself concedes is one of the toughest decisions they’ve made. And some will contend that ditching the headphone jack is hardly the smartest move in history.

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