OnePlus 6T event date changed to steer clear of Apple

Eric Abent - Oct 19, 2018, 3:11pm CDT
OnePlus 6T event date changed to steer clear of Apple

Yesterday, Apple announced that it will host a new product reveal event on October 30, likely for the iPad we saw no sign of during its iPhone reveal in September. While Apple hosting a follow up event where it talks about the iPad isn’t really anything new, this year there’s a bit of a problem, at least as far as consumers are concerned: That’s also the day OnePlus plans to launch the OnePlus 6T with a reveal event of its own.

When it came to picking a date, the fact that OnePlus picked October 30 to reveal the 6T probably didn’t matter to Apple in the least. After all, it seems very un-Apple to worry about stepping on another manufacturer’s toes, because Apple executives know that when Tim Cook climbs up on stage, people will be watching. OnePlus, however, doesn’t really have the benefit of not caring about competing launch events, so it’s decided to change the date for its own.

In a post to the OnePlus forums today, the company says that it has picked a new date for its 6T reveal: October 29, one day before it originally planned to reveal the phone. It’ll still be happening in New York City, so nothing about the location has changed.

OnePlus says that it came to this decision after speaking to members of the both the press and its user base. The company recognizes that this date change probably isn’t ideal for fans who were planning to go to New York and attend in-person, so anyone who has already bought a ticket to the show will be able to apply for a full refund. If you’re still going to attend the event, OnePlus says that it will cover any costs you incur as you change your plans.

So, if there are fees for changing your plane ticket or your hotel reservations, it sounds like OnePlus has that covered. That’s a pretty great move on the part of OnePlus, but at the same time, it is potentially inconveniencing some of its most hardcore fans by changing up the date. OnePlus says that it will be reaching out to each ticket holder individually so keep an eye out for that communication, while the rest of you who aren’t shipping out to New York can find all of the details about the OnePlus 6T right here at SlashGear on October 29.

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