OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition hides this adorable R2-D2 Easter egg

The OnePlus 5T Star Wars Edition phone is hiding a fun R2-D2 Easter egg, and it includes an animated hologram. It's not an ordinary Easter egg, though — OnePlus put a lot of work into this one, including a secret message and a hidden compartment, the combination of which bring R2-D2 to light. The secret lies with the greeting card in the box: put the first letter of each line together and you get your first hint.OnePlus 5T Star Wars: The Last Jedi wallpapers download leaked

The Easter egg was discovered by the folks over at Android Central who explain that the first letter of each line in the greeting card spell out the following hint: "Scribble with pencil." If you do that in the blank section on the bottom of the card, a second message appears, telling owners to "find the secret compartment and check the weather forecast on Ahch-To."

Upon searching the packaging for this hidden compartment, they found a hidden section on the bottom of the box. Opening it revealed a folded prism with a small stand and instruction sheet. Assemble it as instructed and you're left with a little reflective prism like the kind used to show holograms with a phone or a tablet...which is exactly what this Easter egg does:

This same Easter egg isn't found in the regular OnePlus 5T, and unfortunately getting your hands on the Star Wars edition won't be easy given its very limited availability. However, the wallpapers included with the phone leaked online, and that's almost as good (find them through the link above).

SOURCE: Android Central