OnePlus 5 stereo recording doesn't invert, and that's bad

OnePlus just can't seem to catch a break. Which isn't exactly surprising considering how they themselves painted a large target on their back by boasting about being the flagship killer and never settling for anything less. Although less egregious than its "natural" jelly scrolling effect, this "non-inverted" stereo audio recording is going to throw of some users, especially those who love to capture memories on their smartphones.

UPDATE: OnePlus informs us that "We are aware of this issue and we will be fixing it in an upcoming OTA."

Not all phones support stereo audio when recording video, but those that do are at least smart enough to detect the phone's orientation. In a nutshell, this means that whichever mic is on your right will properly record audio for the right channel. If you rotate the phone 180 degrees so that the left mic becomes the right mic, the phone's software will also automatically adjust left and right audio channels to match.

Or at least they should. OnePlus probably didn't get the memo as in the demo video below. Please note that to experience this properly, you will need to listen either with stereo speakers or with headphones. And just to be clear, the phone shown in the video is a OnePlus One. The OnePlus 5 is the one recording it.

In case you don't have either audio equipment, here's what's happening. When the OnePlus One audio source is move to the right of the screen, the audio is recorded on left channel. Moving it to the left, on the other hand, causes the audio to be recorded on the right channel. This despite the mics being on the physical right and left side, respectively.

This means that the OnePlus 5 doesn't invert audio channels based on the orientation of the device. Which is almost too ironic considering its problem of having an inverted display panel. Fortunately, this could be easily fixed with a software update. That is, unless OnePlus insists that this is also natural, which implies that you're just holding it wrong.

VIA: Reddit