OnePlus 5 root already available, TWRP recovery as well

Well that didn't take too long, especially for a device that sells itself as friendly to developers and modders. The OnePlus 5 has barely been a week in the market but enterprising developers lost no time in cracking the smartphone's software wide open. More advanced users can now install the TWRP recovery and, if chosen, also root their device, opening up the OnePlus 5 to more possibilities, like mods and ROMs.

The Android rooting and modding community still remains alive and active despite having fallen out of fashion more recently. For some users, the benefits have grown considerably less and not worth the risks anymore. Still, every users might have valid reasons to root their device and OnePlus 5 owners at least have the assurance that now they can too.

Installing a custom recovery like TWRP and rooting are two different processes that can be done without the other, though installing a recovery more often than not precedes rooting a device. Next ClockworkMod Recovery or CWM, TWRP is the most popular custom recover in Android land, especially after lead CWM developer Koushik "Koush" Dutta focused on other projects.

Installing the TWRP recovery is relatively easy to those who has already done the process before. It does require having access to a computer with the Android SDK installed. It should be noted that this version for the OnePlus 5 is not yet the official TWRP version but is a port done by XDA Senior Member xdvs23.

While some manufacturers like OnePlus and Sony do allow or even promote how hacker friendly their devices are, users, especially inexperienced ones, should still note the risks involved in flashing a device. Google is also now promoting mechanisms that put rooted, or even those whose bootloaders have been unlocked, at a disadvantage.