OnePlus 5 colors teased, headphone jack fate still in question

It probably won't be long before we finally get to see if OnePlus will be able to do its magic again for the fourth year in a row. The OnePlus 5, not OnePlus 4, is facing an uphill battle, especially now that it has formally announced that it's signing up for the camera royal rumble. Uncharacteristic of OnePlus, it has been very light on the hype, so far only teasing the name and now the colors for the phone, including a rather unusual multi-color option.

"What 5hould the color of your next phone be?" That's not a typo. "5hould" is an obvious reference to the OnePlus 5's number. The black and gold color has been done before. Red, however, has only existed as a rumor. But with Apple putting out a red iPhone, it won't be surprising to see more red phones in the market.

The "unicorn" color, referring the pink to aquamarine gradient, is definitely a curious one. It's also hard to imagine how OnePlus will pull successfully it off without resorting to some case. It's probably possible with some light play if the OnePlus 5 had a glass back. Previous leaks claim that it won't be so. Then again, it could just be a red herring.

Perhaps a more interesting riddle is the one posed by co-founder Carl Pei himself. On the question of what happened to the 3.5 mm headphone jack, Pei repurposed an oft-used riddle, "why did the headphone jack cross the road". If the answer is the same as the chicken variant, it would be "to get to the other side." That itself is a pun on the "other side" idiom which refers to the afterlife or death.

So does that mean that the headphone jack is dead? Or OnePlus is simply playing with us and really just put it on the opposite edge of the phone. Together with a promised better photography experience, this these riddles will probably keep the interest on the OnePlus 5 alive for a little while longer.

SOURCE: @OnePlus