OnePlus 4th anniversary promos doesn't include red OnePlus 5T

It's hard to believe that OnePlus is already four years in the market. Although you might think they're already five years old based on the model numbers (yes, they skipped "4"). In that short span a time, OnePlus has managed to squeeze itself into the top tier smartphones of each year. It wasn't smooth-sailing, of course, especially for a company of its small size. All the more reason to truly celebrate passing its fourth year with some promos and treats that, unfortunately, doesn't seem to include the "birthday phone".

OnePlus has had a very exciting four years, to say the least. It burst into the scene with a bold battle cry: "Never Settle". The objective was simple, to provide a smartphone that didn't compromise on specs and features just to keep prices affordable. To a large extent, it was able to deliver, but not without its fair share of controversies.

No company is safe from bad publicity, especially one that paints itself as a David among the market's Goliaths. From the exclusive invite system to messy sales to hardware defects to accusations of privacy violations, OnePlus has seen them all and survived. Given the number 4 is considered unlucky in Chinese cultures, this birthday is extra auspicious for OnePlus.

OnePlus has a lot to thank for, especially for its fans. So it's giving away, somewhat, some treats this month. OnePlus will be selling 500 limited edition gift bundles that include some of its fan favorite accessories. It will also hold some of those accessories on a discount up to 30%. Finally, there will be an Anniversary Lucky Draw that will be hold on December 17, so better get your entry in if you're interested.

What the anniversary promo doesn't have is the Lava Red OnePlus 5T the company revealed in China. This scarlet model, which represents luck in the Chinese culture, is also meant to celebrate and balance that 4th year milestone. Sadly, no such luck for other markets.