OnePlus 3T may be the Android phone benchmark for 2017

The newest smartphone from OnePlus has been teased as the OnePlus 3T, a device with specifications that trump all previous units. This is not the sort of release that undercuts a previous smartphone. Instead, OnePlus seems to be set on releasing a smartphone that takes everything the OnePlus 3 is and gives it a boost. Whether or not that ends up being fair for OnePlus 3 users seems irrelevant.

Earlier today OnePlus co-founder Carl Pi tweeted a message about the next smartphone the company will release. This device, called the OnePlus 3T, is teased here as being rather powerful. Pei later connects the number 37 to a set of meanings as collected by Reddit user kidAmok, which include a rather interesting passage: "According to the antique science of Chaldeans, the number 37 symbolizes the Force, the Capacity and the Power."

The terms Force, Capacity, and Power can all relate to a smartphone battery. In this case, we must assume that the smartphone battery on the OnePlus 3T will be significantly larger than in the OnePlus 3. The word Force also leads us to believe that Force Charging – generally a term used by Motorola, but whatever – could be brought to the OnePlus 3T for faster battery refill.

The tweet made by Pei was "1+ 3 = 37", which also essentially spells out the word "1337" or "LEET". Leet is short for Elite, and the T in 3T could easily be short for Elite. Or it could simply mean that Carl Pei considers the OnePlus 3T to be an elite smartphone.

In ASCII, 37 is hex for the character 7. If this new OnePlus 3T is released this November and hopes to do battle against the Google Pixel, it'll certainly need Android 7 Nougat. It wont be long now before we see if the specs in this phone can run up on Google with a lower price, thereby seeing to a face-to-face spec war for late 2016 phone upgrades.

The OnePlus 3T has basically been confirmed to run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor and will have a display not all that different from the previous model. The big differences may come in a bigger battery and the newest in Sony-made camera image processing units – the IMX398. But we'll have to wait and see.