OnePlus 3 rollout in Europe paused to replenish supplies

Maybe doing away with the invite system wasn't such a good thing after all. Before launching the OnePlus 3, the company boldly proclaimed that it was confident enough in its production capabilities and logistics, enough to put an end to the much criticized invite system. As it turned out, however, it wasn't prepared for the success it is enjoying in Europe, forcing OnePlus to temporarily halt sales of its 2016 flagship in order to give it a chance to replenish its inventories.

So the good news is that, despite the rough start and fiascos it faced, the OnePlus 3 was reported to be enjoying wild popularity in Europe. The bad news is that there is such a thing as "too much". OnePlus, despite its confidence, turned out to be quite ill-prepared for that popularity, which has caused its stocks reserved for the continent to plummet quickly. Buyers there are faced with increasingly growing wait times for shipping, which, of course, increases dissatisfaction.

OnePlus had no choice but to step back and take a deep breath. But only for a while. The company is halting sales starting August 9, 00:00 CEST until September 12, 23:59 CEST in the following countries:

• Austria

• Belgium

• Bulgaria

• Croatia

• Cyprus

• Czech Republic

• Estonia

• France

• Greece

• Hungary

• Ireland

• Italy

• Latvia

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malta

• Netherlands

• Poland

• Portugal

• Romania

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• Spain

Curiously, Hong Kong is also affected and with have that same lull in sales.

A month-long hiatus in sales is no joking matter, especially for a hot-selling item like the OnePlus 3. It runs the risk of losing customers, especially as new devices get launched. Then again, most of these still waiting buyers are loyal fans, so that lessens the chance of them jumping ship during that period.