OnePlus 3, 3T gets new OxygenOS MP Early Access program

More and more Android users expect fast and timely updates for their phones, especially when it comes to the monthly security fixes. Not all smartphone makers, however, have the capacity to always have an army of testers available all year round. Especially smaller companies like OnePlus. Almost as a tit for tat arrangement, OEMs have started enlisting the help of eager users in testing future releases. As if two testing programs weren't enough, OnePlus is adding one more, just to make sure everything is well-polished before release.

OnePlus currently has three channels for releases, each with its own set of rules. The final "MP" release, is, of course, open to the public and no one need apply. In fact, it's pretty much mandatory for everyone, unless they explicitly choose not to install an update. The Open Beta channel is also available for anyone willing to update to a still unreleased version though with less bugs. Closed Beta is limited to about 60 outside testers at a time and is the closest to a "raw" update as you can get.

The new MP Early Access sits somewhere in between Final and Open Beta. Here, an "elite" crew of 150 brave applicants are selected to get their hands on the release candidate for the final OTA. The purpose of this penultimate step is to catch and report last minute bugs that OnePlus' tester's might have overlooked.

Applicants must come only from the US, EU, or India and, naturally, must have a OnePlus 3 or OnePlus 3T. In exchange for the early dibs, OnePlus will be soliciting feedback and expect those 150 chosen ones to communicate constantly. They will also be required to sign NDAs, which is rather amusing considering the Open Beta before it and final release after it are both open to the public.