OneNote updated with finger painting in Windows Store

Who doesn't enjoy drawing with their fingers? And such an ability becomes essential in the absence of a stylus, whether because you need to dash out something very quickly and don't have one on you or misplace it when you need it most. Such an ability was requested by many users for OneNote on their touch-enabled Windows 8 and RT devices, which is now possible thanks to an update Microsoft pushed out.

With this update, OneNote users will see an addition to the radial menu called "Draw," which opens up a new round of options, including multiple pens of different colors (black, blue, green, and red), as well as an eraser and an Undo tool. The pens can be customized with, for example, different thicknesses. And a welcomed feature is that you can save a customized pen as a favorite.

In addition, those using it on a device that does not have a touch screen can still use the feature via a mouse or USB drawing tablet, although Microsoft advises that users will best experience the feature when using a pen. Those who want to update can do so by heading into the Windows Store and then tapping "Updates" located on the right.

For those unfamiliar, OneNote allows users to take notes and have them synced with the cloud for extra security. Microsoft says that it has "reimagined" OneNote for Windows 8 and RT devices, making it easier to use in conjunction with touch controls, such as swiping. Users can toggle between different paper types for various notes, snap them to the side of the screen for use alongside a browser for research or other activities, and more.

[via OneNote]