OneDrive storage limit dropping to 5GB in July

If you'll recall, Microsoft upset a large number of OneDrive users by cutting the amount of free storage space from 15GB (or 30GB, for some users) to 5GB. Losing two thirds of your storage space can be a pretty big deal, so customers cried out until Microsoft reversed their position. Of course, that reversal came with one small catch.

In order to keep the extra storage space, Microsoft wanted users to head to a special page and click on a button that said "Keep your free storage". They even gave users until January 31st to complete the task. For those that either didn't know, or didn't remember to go and do this, their extra space would be removed at some point in the future. They didn't say when, just that it would happen.

Microsoft has started sending out emails to users, letting them know that the change is still happening, and they've set a date for when these changes will take effect. According to the email, free users that didn't click the necessary button will have their storage space reduced to 5GB starting on July 13, 2016.

If you aren't sure if this affects you, I'd suggest checking the email account associated with your OneDrive, just to make sure that you didn't miss the email. If you don't have any emails that say "Changes to storage limits" from OneDrive, then you should be okay. Otherwise, the email will let you know if you're currently under the new 5GB limit, and what you'll need to do if you're over it.