One by Wacom display-free tablet and stylus gets Chromebook support

Chromebook owners can now use the One by Wacom tablet and stylus with their Chrome OS device without first installing drivers, the company has announced. Wacom says this product is its first to sport the Works with Chromebook certification, making it easier for Chromebook users to complete assignments, work on projects, and get a bit of art done.

One by Wacom is a display-free tablet, the kind you connect to a computer using a USB cable, then write and draw on the surface using a stylus. The pen that comes with this kind of tablet doesn't need to be recharged, making it particularly useful for those times you need to sign documents or sketch designs.

The One by Wacom tablet and stylus — not to be mistaken for the One model that features a display — is marketed as a tool for students. If you've ever used a tablet and pen setup, you'll be immediately familiar with the One by Wacom — you just plug it in, fire up an application, and start writing.

The stylus features 2048 pressure sensitivity levels and 2540lpi resolution; it doesn't have express keys, though. The model comes with an ordinary USB-A cable and three pen nib replacements alongside a nib removal tool. The tablet is a good option for students who have a Chromebook that doesn't feature a touchscreen and stylus of its own. In addition to the new Chromebook support, the One by Wacom device can also be used with Windows and macOS.

Wacom's Faik Karaoglu said about the new support:

As a pioneer of digital pen technology, Wacom is committed to provide teachers, students and administrators with reliable, sustainable and easy to use solutions. The new compatibility with Wacom pen tablets and displays will make creating, working and teaching digitally as natural and intuitive as possible and offer users more possibilities to work with their Chromebook.