One.61 3D printed guitar pushes the envelope further

Mark Raby - Apr 2, 2012
One.61 3D printed guitar pushes the envelope further

How would you like a new guitar? If you have an industrial-grade 3D printer at home, Derek Manson may be the guy you’re looking for. Even if you don’t, though, Manson’s creation is showing another step in what is becoming an increasingly interesting and exciting industry of legitimate, functional products that can be made through the power of 3D printing. In fact, Manson even made a direct link between his creation and Metallica.

Manson, who is the director of product development firm One.61, said, “As you know music is so very subjective so we have no real data to support our design. The initial idea came from when I was watching Metallica’s Cunning Stunts DVD and Kirk Hammetts Wavecaster guitar is featured. This spawned the idea that a polymer based guitar is feasible because if it’s good enough for Kirk, it’s good enough for me.” It is one of the most elegate and intricate 3D printed guitar designs to date.

Of course, there are many other prototypes out there, built with the same mindset and developed substantially before Manson entered the game. Nevertheless, truly remarkable creations like this are advancing the world of 3D printing. It’s making inroads not just in consumer applications but also for business, for medicine, and for third-world countries where resources are much more scarce. The majority of the material needed for a 3D printer can now be printed from a 3D printer. It’s fascinating to watch this next evolution in scientific advancement.

[via Forbes]

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