Olympus budget PEN Micro 4/3 camera leaked?

Remember Olympus' unusual camera teaser from earlier in the week?  According to 43rumors you're looking at the knurled knob of Olympus' latest micro four thirds camera, freshly leaked to an Asian forum.  Their tipsters have apparently confirmed that the incoming shooter will have the same sensor as the Olympus E-P1.

In fact the new camera is expected to slot into the Olympus PEN range, with a name in the E-Pxx format (the two numbers are currently unknown).  It's also said to have slightly faster autofocus and "one new feature" which is so-far unrevealed.

Contrary to previous speculation, the new Olympus isn't expected to arrive in February 2nd – in fact the company are tipped to have a different model to show on that date – but it will have a plastic body versus the E-P1's metal chassis and, accordingly, a lower sticker price.  Original teaser image here.