OLPC XO Tablet availability expands to additional retail stores

OLPC's XO Tablet was unveiled way back in January of this year, and went up for sale on July 9. As we reported, the device was promised to be available from multiple retailers, but the slate had been exclusively available from Wal-Mart. Starting today, buyers now have additional retailer options, with the tablet showing as in-stock and shipping from both Target and Amazon.

Earlier today, as OLPC News noted, Wal-Mart was showing the tablet as being out of stock online, but a look at the company's website now shows it as being in-stock and available. The same goes for Target and Amazon, with all three retailers having the slate priced at $149.99 USD. The first round of availability kicked off on July 16.

As with OLPC's other products, the XO Tablet aims to be a cheap slate that provides children with an education-based device. The design has the distinct green color we've come to expect, and it is designed for use by children. The display comes in at 7-inches, while the entire device measures in at 4.68 x 0.37 x 7.75-inches. The software is Android-based.

The rest of the hardware is basic – there's a dual-core 1.6GHz processor, 8GB of internal storage space, and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. The language can be toggled between English and Spanish, opening it up to a wider range of users, and comes with parental controls for customization by parents and teachers based on the user's age and needs.

There's access to the Google Play store, and the XO Tablet comes pre-loaded with 100 educational apps and 100 books. The software includes a dashboard reserved for the parents that displays things like the user's learning style and their usage of the device, furthering its mission to be an education-based slate.