One Laptop per Child Association unveils XO Learning System and XO Tablet

It's been a while since we heard anything out of the One Laptop per Child Association. This is the charity organization that wanted to provide a laptop to each child in a developing country to help them learn. The OLPCA is on hand at CES 2013 and has unveiled two new products including the XO Learning System and XO Tablet.

The XO Tablet is currently slated to be available at select Walmart stores and at The XO Learning System is an Android compatible software package aimed at child focused learning. The Learning System promises to help direct the child's creativity and energy into 12 different dreams that tailor the learning experience on the tablet.

These 12 dreams include things like "I want to be" an artist, a musician, a scientist, a doctor, and many others. Each of the dreams has learning experiences and applications including books, games, and videos aimed at children age 3 to 12. There are no additional apps or software to buy and each of the 12 dreams has a real person that personifies that dream.

With the rollout of the new XO Learning System, we will see hardware made by other manufacturers that have XO software installed. Sakar International is the first company to license the software for its Vivatar brand. The company will produce a seven-inch android tablet of its own design and specifications. There is no indication of hardware, pricing, or availability information for the XO Tablet at this time.