OLPC to go on-sale in US from November 12th

The "One Laptop Per Child" project has come in for some stick recently thanks to the spate of price hikes, but don't let that put you off too much; early testers have come away feeling incredibly positive about the OLPC, both the innovative OS and the clever hardware design.  Now, with government orders conspicuous by their absence, the team behind the laptop is offering to prematurely sell you one – that is, if you buy one for you and one for a child in a developing country.


That's right, it's a "one for the price of two" deal: for a limited, two-week period (November 12th to 26th) $399 gets you an OLPC XO-1 unit for your own offspring and one donated to a young person in a developing nation who otherwise may not experience the joys of technology. 

You'll need to be among the first 25,000 to get your delivery by Christmas; let us know if you're planning on flexing your VISA come November 12th!

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