OLPC – the newest target of overclocking

James Allan Brady - Mar 27, 2008, 11:26am CDT

I thought for sure this guide was going to involve DIP switches when I read that this computer only has a 433MHz processor. But it didn’t, its all software, or more precisely, firmware based.

The requirements are quite low too, you must have an OLPC, you must have a developer key or have disabled security prior to this hack, and you must be perfectly OK with bricking your OLPC if you screw up. The upside is that there is at least one report of someone overclocking their OLPC to 566/233 without having any issues such as system instability or overheating.

[Photo Credit: Aaron]

566/233 is a 30% boost in CPU speed and a 40% boost in memory performance, which according to the gentleman ends up being an overall 21.8% system performance boost. Although chances are your battery life will probably drop, but the guy didn’t note how much his dropped, but for that kind of a performance boost I’d say it was worth it.

[via OLPCNews]

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