OLPC gets official price and Windows support

The official price has finally been set for the long-awaited One Laptop Per Child laptop. The price is almost double that of the original target of $100, but is still a reasonable $175.

The big news is that it will now reportedly run Windows. It was originally slated to only run the Linux-based XO operating system. It isn't surprising to see the Windows compatibility all of the sudden. Microsoft just recently announced that they will be offering a Windows XP/Office combo for $3 to developing countries. This makes it much easier to put it on a laptop trying to hit a very low price-point.

The OLPC will begin production this October with seven countries already on-board. Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, Thailand, Nigeria and Libya already committed. There are a few other countries that are still on the fence about it.

OLPC: Now $175 and Windows XP Ready [via gizmodo]