Olinari – The USB drive necklace

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 28, 2007

USB drives are so commonplace that almost everyone carries one. I personally keep my Corsair Flash Voyager on my keychain (right next to my D20 holder). While it’s not too hard on the eyes, some people might look for a drive that they can really show off.

The Olinari is interesting because it is actually a necklace that houses a tiny USB flash drive. I say tiny, but the drive actually holds up to 2GB. If you for some reason lose that drive, it’s just a Sony Micro Vault USB drive, so it’s replaceable.

The cost on this thing is way too much in my opinion. For $349 I would expect something that looks a little nicer. This looks like something you’d see for sale in a gas station.

Goth Looking Pendants Hides 2GB Sony Flash Drive Inside [via everythingusb]

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