Older folks react to Mortal Kombat X fatalities

Reaction videos are all the rage anymore: we've seen videos of kids reacting to old cameras and gaming systems, older folks reacting to Google Glass, and a bunch between. The newest reaction video again goes with the older folks among us, and eschews hardware for a dose of video game fun. Mortal Kombat X, that is. These perhaps unsuspecting gents and ladies are shown the latest installment's various fatalities, and we all get to enjoy their reactions.

The elders, as React Channel is calling them, first played Mortal Kombat X, and when that gameplay was taking place they were shown the different fatalities available in it. The video below shows just their reactions, which are arguably the best part, but you can also see footage of them playing here.

The reactions are pretty much exactly what you'd expect — laughter, eyebrow raising, incredulous amusement, "That's nasty", and one proclamation that such content should illegal. Many of the reactions have that sort of "you crazy kids and your crazy games" expression all grandchildren will be familiar with.

"This is too much for youngsters, at least being all thrilled to get to [it]," one person says. Another just says, "Ow, ow, ow!" as a character is being face slammed repeatedly. There's more than a few laughs being had, too, but at the end of it all many seem to have the opinion of this is gross and pointless.

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VIA: Kotaku