Okoro ZX100 Home Theater PC is extreme – painted in any automotive color you choose

James Allan Brady - Mar 31, 2008

This HTPC has some pretty respectable specs including a quad-core Intel processor running at 3GHz, 3GB of RAM and NVIDIA’s GeForce 8600GT with HDMI out and PureVideo HD support. Add onto that the fact that you can have the unit colored in any automotive paint you want ranging from a basic glossy black to some $10k gold-flaked Lambo style paint job.

You also get a 32GB SSD drive for the OS and then another 1TB drive for media storage, although if you really have any amount of media worth mentioning you’ll be wanting to upgrade that to 2TB, whether you use it to upgrade your storage or just as mirrored drive for when things go bad, it’d probably be a good idea. This computer also can play both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray discs.

You get Windows Vista Ultimate pre-installed which should give you the easy to use Media Center Edition interface for use on your TV. The system also has card readers and all that other stuff you’ve come to expect from a home theater PC that has a base price of just under $6k, and if high end is your way of life, they have plenty of extras you can purchase through them that are along that same line.

[via pclaunches]

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