Okoro OMS-CX100 - Monster HTPC takes advantage of Cable Card technology

It has become increasingly popular to place a computer in one's living room. No, I'm not talking about the times when you sit on the couch with your laptop, but home theater PCs (HTPC) that give you all of the functionality of a TiVo, and then some.

These new CX series HTPCs from Okoro Media Systems come packed with an Intel Core 2 Duo E6650, up to 4GB of RAM (2GB standard), up to 4TB (320GB standard) an Nvida 8500 GT with HDCP output and an ATI Digital Cable Tuner. It's a little strange to see someone actually build a machine that uses an Nvidia card and an ATI tuner, but I guess that shows how ATI still needs to step up their game in the GPU realm.

These new CX series systems are actually considered "entry level," though you'd probably wonder at an entery level system carrying a price tag of $1795. However, trust me when I say that there are plenty of upgrades that can drive the costs through the roof.

Okoro OMS-CX100 media PC announced [via pclaunches]