Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone breaks cover

Shane McGlaun - Nov 24, 2010, 5:39 am CST
Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone breaks cover

The iPhone has video calling for users with FaceTime and if you like that feature and wish you could have it on your phone at home, you can with Vox Communications. The company has a new video phone called the Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone. Vox is a VoIP provider and it claims to be one of the first companies to offer a 7-inch business class phone with an unlimited calling plan.

The phone has a 7-inch high-resolution LCD screen and can be used as a digital photo frame too. Setting the phone up requires an internet connection to be hooked up and the phone plugged in the device will configure itself. To use as a digital photo frame you have to install a SD card or plug in a flash drive.

The phone can shoot images to a larger screen like your PC monitor or a TV if you want and it has an enhanced phone book. That phone book will store 300 contacts and you can add photos to the contacts when a flash drive or SD card is installed. The device supports voice mail and has all the features we expect on a phone today like caller ID and more. The Ojo Vision Digital Video Phone will launch in Q1 2011.

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