OHM Gadget Charger concept derives energy from biking

Brenda Barron - Sep 12, 2008
OHM Gadget Charger concept derives energy from biking

The OHM portable device charger is a totally green way to charge up all of your on-the-go gizmos like your cell phone, PMP or gaming gadgets. This concept relies on the energy created by your bike riding to recharge your gadgets.

The device works like this. Neodymium magnets are connected to the bike’s rim. Then, you place a dynamo on the bottom of the seat. This way, it is directly aligned with the magnets. As the wheels rotate, electromagnetic induction begins. This allows power to build up for every single wheel rotation.

So if you like to trek across town or go on bike trails regularly, the OHM portable device charger could come in quite handy. Ride long enough and you’re bound to create and store enough energy to charge your phone, iPod or other devices. Of course, this is only a concept at the moment as all the coolest things seem to be.

[via Gizmodo]

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