Ohio company recalls 4,200lbs of pork sausage over blue rubber issue

An Ohio company called Bob Evans Farms has recalled 4,200lbs of pork sausage products over potential contamination with blue rubber, according to the USDA. The recall applies specifically to raw ground pork sausage sold in 'chubs,' which refers to the large 1-pound rolls that are wrapped in plastic and crimped on each end.

The recall was recently published by the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service on Thursday, January 21. The recalled products have a use/freeze-by date of 'JAN 31 21' and the lot code '0352.' These numbers can be found on the label. The raw sausage product was produced on December 17, 2021.

It's possible that some consumers may still have this sausage in their fridge, the FSIS notes, stating that anyone who believes they may have suffered an injury or illness related to the recall should contact their doctor. The recalled sausage chubs were sold in retail stores in Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana.

According to the recall notice, Bob Evans became aware of the issue after receiving some complaints from customers who had purchased the pork sausage. The issue involves the potential presence of 'thin blue rubber' in the product, the origins of which are unclear.

The US Department of Agriculture notes that anyone who purchased this recalled sausage should either return it to the store from which it was bought for a refund or throw it away uneaten. Consumers who have questions about the recall can reach out to the USDA or Bob Evans for more information.