Official Seinfeld Soundtrack arrives decades after sitcom's finale

Seinfeld, the show about nothing and arguably the most popular sitcom ever, finally has an official soundtrack. Yes, it has been more than 20 years since the show's controversial finale, but that doesn't diminish the album's excellent tracks and the role they played in emphasizing the show's ample humor.

If you're a Seinfeld fan, you'll likely recognize many of the tracks on the Seinfeld Soundtrack, including notable pieces like "Jerry vs Newman Chase," "Jerry the Mailman," "Kramer's Pimpwalk," and "George's Answering Machine." The album has a total of 33 tracks, including the show's theme song.

The soundtrack was released by WaterTower today, July 2, and was curated by the sitcom's composer Jonathan Wolff. You'll notice tracks from episode scenes that are popular with fans, the ones that may trigger vivid memories of episodes you haven't seen for years but that are still as funny as the day they aired.

Wolff talked about his work on the show's music in an interview with Deadline, touching on topics about the iconic nature of the tracks and the role the music played in the comedy. Among other things, the composer said:

My goal was to create a sonic brand that, when someone hears it, even from another room with their head in a refrigerator, a Pavlovian response occurs. "Ooh, that's Seinfeld. Let's watch that show." Part of my job on Seinfeld was to create music that helps make people ready to laugh.

If the soundtrack gets you in the mood to rewatch the series, there's a bit of bad news. Seinfeld left Hulu at the end of June and is destined to land at Netflix. However, for reasons that are unclear, the transition wasn't seamless and Netflix has delayed adding the show to its platform.