Official Fortnite tweets tease massive island change may arrive this week

The latest and arguably greatest season of Fortnite Chapter 2 may experience some big changes in a future update expected to arrive this week. Rather than unofficial details from data-miners, Epic has teased the changes in a series of tweets — but it's easy to miss them if you don't know where to look.

Epic operates multiple Fortnite Twitter accounts, the most notable being the main English-language @FortniteGame account. That same account recently dropped a "Hot Saucer Leak" indicating that alien troops may soon appear on the island in a big way (below).

That's the only teaser about whatever is coming if you look at the English-language account. However, fans have noticed that other Fortnite social media accounts, including the ones for Russia and the Middle East, have also shared their own teasers with additional details.

For example, the FortniteME account tweeted a similar message, noting that an intercepted call confirms alien ground forces are moving across the island starting from the west. "All island residents should take the utmost precautionary measures," the tweet warns.

Notably, the FortniteME tweet includes an image of what appears to be an old crashed UFO in a large underground space, perhaps a cave. Two island agents dressed like shady government officials are visible overlooking the object. Epic doesn't state what the alien ground troops are marching toward, but the image may tease the season's wider storyline: perhaps a UFO had crashed on the island and the aliens arrived to retrieve it.

Meanwhile, the Spanish-language Fortnite Twitter account also shared the same message, but with an image of a crop circle.

Though the crop circle image isn't anything new — Epic used crop circles as a pre-Season 7 teaser — the image shared on the FortniteME account is new. It's unclear whether the account was supposed to include that particular image, but regardless it indicates an entirely new POI that may arrive next week.

Some fans speculate the crop circle image could also indicate either a new POI or a big change to an existing destination. The reason is that though Epic has previously used crop circles as promotional imagery for this season, the large field of green crops where it is located doesn't appear to be anywhere currently on the battle royale island.

It's difficult to say whether the image is meant to represent an actual POI or if the large corn field was simply used to showcase a crop circle as a generic photo related to the season's theme. Epic hasn't yet announced when the next game update will drop, but one is expected to arrive Tuesday — and assuming new POIs are coming, the patch is likely to be huge.