Official Apple Playing Cards Show Up on Ebay

Robert Evans - Feb 21, 2011
Official Apple Playing Cards Show Up on Ebay

Apple fanatics, get ready to search your souls and throw some serious money at eBay. A rare set of playing cards themed after OS 7 have just hit the online auction site. These cards were never available for purchase outside of the Apple campus store. They were released in 1997, which means this deck may be among the last surviving. You know you want them. Unfortunately, everyone else does too.

A few hours ago, the cards were up to a mere £28. That price didn’t last. With 5 days and 22 hours left on the bid, these cards are currently up to £225. Somewhere out there is a geek who will spend more on this pack of playing cards than he did on his iPad. Which, by the way, has a pretty damn good solitaire app.

[Via Mac Stories]

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