Office for iPad to arrive by summer, says sources

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 14, 2014, 6:35pm CST
Office for iPad to arrive by summer, says sources

Microsoft Office for iPad has been teased for a while now, with news concerning it arising in various bits and leaks over the course of many months. The latest among them is word from various sources that Microsoft plans to roll out its productivity software in the first half of this year, a jump from the previously-projected Fall timeline.

The information comes from the folks at ZDNet, which says both Microsoft officials and other sources have confirmed Office for iPad is not only in the works, but coming sooner than has been anticipated. Until now, word has had it Office for iPad was slated to arrive after the Metro-style variety of Office, which is codenamed Gemini.

According to the sources, the decision to launch Office for iPad after the launch of the Metro version was nixed late last year, with Microsoft instead deciding to launch the iPad version when it is ready. As such, the sources are saying it’ll be available in the first half of this year, which means we’ll see it by the middle of this summer, if all pans out.

Microsoft has declined commenting on the latest news. It still isn’t clear how Office for iPad will be offered — whether as part of an Office 365 subscription or something else altogether. If the sources are correct, however, we only have a few months at the most left of waiting, so we’ll find out soon enough regardless.


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