Office for Android may be coming ahead of Windows 8

At BUILD, Microsoft showed what looked to be a more touch-friendly version of Office. While there is already a touchy-feely version available for iOS, those with Android or Windows Mobile devices are currently left wanting. A new round of rumors suggest Microsoft will forgo Windows in favor of Android getting the new Office first, though.

Though an odd decision on paper, it actually makes a bit of sense. Microsoft's new direction is a "mobile first" one, and Android is much more popular than Windows mobile of any kind. The Android version is said to be coming in fall of this year, while the Windows version is slated for a 2015 release.

Oddly enough, that falls right in line with another Windows release timeframe we heard about recently. The Start Menu, again seen at BUILD this year, is said to be coming in 2015, skipping the fall Windows release. Whatever Microsoft has dropping in 2015 could be the Windows we've all been waiting for: cross-platform, touch friendly, with services accessible anywhere.

Though Office remains a widely used suite, Microsoft needs to change direction just a touch to remain relevant. Making the move to get touchy with mobile is smart, and choosing pushing an Android version out asap is even smarter.

Source: ZD Net