OCZ unveils RevoDrive PCI-E SSD at Computex

For a long time when you said the name OCZ most of us would think RAM for gaming computers. Today OCZ is a much broader maker of hardware and tech goods with offerings including numerous SSDs, flash drives, power supplies and more.

OCZ is at Computex and the company has unveiled a new and very interesting SSD called the RevoDrive. The RevoDrive is a bootable PCI-Express SSD designed to slip into the PCI-E slot on a user's computer. The RevoDrive is designed for high-speed operation and OCZ claims it is capable of 75,000 IOPS.

The write speed for the SSD is 530MB/s and read speed is 540MB/s. The drive is designed for a number of applications including video editing and multimedia creation. OCZ also showed off its new 1.8-inch Vertex 2 and Onyx SATA II SSDs for mobile devices. Both support Windows 7 TRIM command and will find their way into netbooks and tablets.