OCZ StealthXStream 2 PSUs debut

Shane McGlaun - Jun 10, 2010
OCZ StealthXStream 2 PSUs debut

OCZ cut away some of the categories of products that had taken it away from its core offerings over the last year or so like notebooks and gaming peripherals. The company took the energy and money those products required and put it towards its core offerings of PSUs, RAM, and SSDs. It has shown with lots of new PSUs and other gear being unveiled over the last few months.

OCZ has announced a new line of PSUs today called the StealthXStream 2 series. The new series is designed for high efficiency, quiet operation, and a sleek design. The new line of PSUs are designed to be affordable, but robust and reliable.

The series uses a 120mm ball bearing fan to keep internal components cool and to help reduce noise. The line comes in up to 700W versions with 400W, 500W, and 600W versions offered as well. All of the PSUs promise 85% AC to DC conversion at typical loads and use a standard compact ATX form factor. The MSRP for the 700W PSU is $99.99.

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