OCZ leaves memory module market to focus on SSDs

If you are a computer enthusiast, you are probably familiar with OCZ. OCZ has been making RAM for computers for a very long time and RAM is what put the company on the map for enthusiasts looking for some speedy memory that was up to the task of overclocking for their rigs.

OCZ announced not long ago that it would be leaving the memory market that helped get the firm where it is today. Exiting markets is nothing new to OCZ, the company has also been in the laptop business, which it left, and has stopped making peripherals like mice and keyboards too.

The reason that OCZ is leaving the memory market is to focus its efforts on SSDs. OCZ has quietly built up a large and impressive array of SSD offering and has some crazy fast wares. The market for enthusiast RAM is crowded and the move will let OCZ focus on the SSD market, which is still popular and growing robustly. OCZ has noted that it will continue to support all owners of its RAM products moving forward so if you just bought some OCZ parts don't worry.

Via PC Perspective