OCZ introduces a water cooling kit for your memory – Flex XLC Water-Cooled RAM

Chris Scott Barr - Mar 8, 2007

I enjoy overclocking just as much as the next guy, but I’ve never really bothered with overclocking my memory very much. Usually the performance gains are minimal because even with a nice heatsink and a case with good airflow, you still run the risk of overheating it.

The guys over at OCZ have designed a kit to ensure that you can push your memory as hard as you need, while still keeping it cool. We’ve all seen water cooling systems before, but I don’t remember running across one quite like this.

You’ll need to have an existing water cooling system in place to use it, but overall, I think that hardcore overclocking enthusiasts will love it.

OCZ Flex XLC Water-Cooled RAM [via ohgizmo]

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