OCZ and SandForce team on new SSDs for consumers and enterprise users

OCZ has been deep in the SSD business for a while now and one of the last SSDs that we saw from the firm was the Solid 2 back in August. OCZ has announced that it has teamed with SandForce for SSDs that use the SandForce SSD processor.

The new SSDs will be OCZ branded and will use the SandForce SF-1500 and SF-1200 processors. SSDs will be offered that use MLC and SLC NAND flash memory and the drives will be geared for performance, endurance, and power efficiency.

The SSDs will be offered with 3Gbps SATA and 6Gbps SAS interfaces for consumers and enterprise usage in capacities from 50GB to 400GB. Availability and pricing information on the new line of SSDs is unavailable at this time.