Oculus Rift pre-orders to include one spectacular game

One of the games longest in development for virtual reality is also going to be one of the first to be played by early buyers of the Oculus Rift consumer-release headset. The game is EVE: Valkyrie, and the developers are CCP Games. They've been the go-to demo partners for the headset for years, and now that the headset is about to be released to consumers, they've continued their partnership with Oculus to bring the game to all pre-orders of Oculus Rift with no additional cost.

We've been seeing EVE: Valkyrie in iterations since the beginning of its virtual reality development. EVE Valkyrie is Oculus Rift's first "exclusive" launch title Each time we had the opportunity to test it, it reminded us of what's possible at the very top of the virtual reality development totem pole. Flying a fighter ship through space with full-on hand controls and spherical vision and sound – that's where it's at, for reals.

Below you'll see some gameplay with EVE: Valkyrie. Remember that this isn't FINAL gameplay, but it's close. Behold, the resolution and the super-intense speed with which it's all executed.

Also note that while this video is limited to 60-frames per second, the actual release is quicker. Gotta keep up with your eyeballs, after all.

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