Oculus Quest Lite or 2 leaked in fancy new white

There's a new Oculus headset in the mix this week, leaked via social media with a single bright, high definition image. This piece of hardware looks a lot like the last couple of Oculus VR headsets, this time coming with a self-contained VR sensor system (likely built on Android) with a pair of Oculus controllers and a white color scheme.

Per the imagery leaked this week by @h0x0d, there's a USB-C port next to a headphone jack and a design indication that we'll once again be working with Oculus' own built-in audio system. That is – you'll be able to use the headset's audio directed through the headstraps to the left and right of the temples of the face, or you can just use that headphone jack and your own set of headphones.

This Oculus device looks like it's using controllers identical to those of the Oculus Quest and... come to think of it... the whole headset looks a whole lot like it sports the Quest's basic build. It's here that well likely get one of two potential devices:

1. Quest Lite

2. Quest 2

The Quest Lite would be a great addition to the Oculus headset collection. It'd allow Oculus to continue to sell a headset in the price range of the discontinued Oculus Go while it expands the userbase of the Oculus Quest UI and ecosystem.

The Oculus Quest 2 would be a bit of a leap, since it looks nearly identical to the first Oculus Quest, and it appears to remove some tiny features. The headstrap looks a bit thinner and there's no IPD slider (none we can see here, anyway). Unless an Oculus Quest 2 is actually a lower-priced iteration of the Oculus Quest, and they've decided to continue the line at a lower price tier from this point forward... that's a possibility, and it certainly would be unexpected by most users. This might just be the sleek new Oculus Quest V2 that we've been waiting for.

In any case, it does appear that another Oculus headset is headed our way in the near future. This white Oculus headset will likely cost the same or less than the original price of the Oculus Quest – we'll know more soon!