Oculus Quest 2 outed early in pair of leaked Facebook videos

It seems that Facebook is starting the work week off with an unexpected bang. Earlier today, the company published a couple of videos about the Oculus Quest 2, revealing a decent amount of information about the upcoming VR headset. This definitely isn't the official reveal Facebook is likely planning, and indeed, there are a few key details about the Oculus Quest 2 that these videos leave out.

With that said, the pair of videos give us a good idea of what to expect. They were first published to the Facebook Blueprint website today, and while they've since been removed, the topic for Oculus Quest 2 is still live. At the moment, a visit to that page will only show a header that reads, "Get to know the new Oculus headset with video demos highlighting its most important features."

As is usually the case, someone managed to snag these videos and reupload them to YouTube before they were taken down. The videos hit a lot of the same beats, with both talking about the Quest 2's capabilities and hardware. We learn that the Quest 2 is smaller and lighter than its predecessor, and a fairly big deal is made about the Quest 2's soft-touch headstrap.

We also learn that the Quest 2 uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR2 processor and pairs it with 6GB of RAM. One video boasts that Quest 2's display serves up "over 50% more pixels than Quest," with a footnote in the other video saying that resolution clocks in at "nearly 2K per eye." The standalone headset will support 3D positional audio, updated controllers with improved ergonomics, and internal storage options that top out at 256GB (we aren't told how much storage the base configuration has).

The videos definitely try to position the Quest 2 as a VR headset for the masses, whether users want to simply watch Netflix or use Oculus Link to stream more graphics-intensive games from a PC. Pricing and release date information is (perhaps unsurprisingly) missing from these videos, but with them out in the open, it shouldn't be long before we learn more – expect Facebook and Oculus to officially reveal the Quest 2 at Facebook Connect later this week.