Oculus Project Cambria VR AR headset is the key to a Meta future

Today Oculus and Facebook (now Meta) teased a new VR headset called Project Cambria. This device was described as an advanced and high-end VR product that'll bring the wearer "a step closer to the metaverse." A single video was released about the device, giving precious little information about the way it'll work, or what it'll actually be capable of doing.

Project Cambria can be seen in the video shown below by Oculus. It's very much a rendering of the device and its controllers, rather than a video of an actual physical product. Despite this, we can glean just a few details about what's likely coming in early 2021.

The headset is light and likely works either wirelessly or with a mobile OS built-in to the headset. We can see a big shield in the front that's likely semitransparent, and a comfy strap around the back with a skull-cradling back pad. If this headset is at least as comfortable as the Oculus Quest, it'll be good to wear for extended periods of time – which we must assume will be part of the point.

A pair of controllers are shown with control indicators similar to those of the Oculus Quest – without the extra loop above the buttons. If this headset hadn't been described as "high end" by its creators, we'd assume this meant the device was another lowest-tier device with baseline control abilities. Instead, it seems more likely that Oculus is moving beyond requiring the more extravagant looking controllers – simplicity built in to the hilt.

Now, if only we were able to use this device outside of the "Meta" universe just branded by the Facebook and Oculus crew, that'd be wonderful. We shall see soon enough! Take a peek at the recent Oculus Go unlock to see what that sort of move would look like.