Oculus Go gets a permanent price cut

If you're interested in checking out the Oculus Go but you've held off on buying one thus far, it looks like your patience has paid off. Facebook and Oculus have cut the price of the Go, bringing it down to a starting price of $149. This is a permanent price cut too, and it applies to both of the Oculus Go models Facebook offers.

Previously, the 32GB Go model was priced at $199, and that's the one that's seen its price drop to $149 here. The 64GB model has also seen its price drop from $249 to $199, taking the former price point of the 32GB model.

Facebook confirmed that this price drop is indeed permanent to UploadVR, noting that the headset is getting "comparable discounts" in all regions where it's available. With this price drop, the Oculus Go could now very well be in impulse range for a lot of people.

Of course, the Oculus Go is the least impressive headset Oculus offers, at least from a hardware standpoint. Though it offers standalone VR, it isn't as capable as the Oculus Quest, and obviously, both of those headsets are outshined by the Oculus Rift S, which needs a computer backing it.

Still, the Go could be a good way for people who are unsure if they'll like virtual reality to dip their toe in before diving in altogether. Even if you learn that VR gaming isn't for you, the Go can still be used as a media headset, though whether or not another way to watch Netflix is worth $149 is something we'll let you decide.